Compensation Methods

Guaranteed Maximum Price:

For small scale and scope projects, I will provide a stipulated guaranteed maximum price for an outlined specific set of architectural services based upon my hourly fee schedule.

Geotechnical (sub-surface) investigation, structural, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, and fire protection engineering services and related design fees can be solicited also on an as needed basis.

Cost Plus a Fee:

For larger scale projects, I will invoice actual time spent based on my hourly fee schedule to complete an outlined specific set of architectural services and charge a negotiated percentage of general construction cost fee for overhead and profit. Percentage of construction cost amount T.B.D. based on project complexity.

Flat Rate Fee:

I will wave my hourly fee schedule entirely and charge eighty dollars per hour ($80.00 per hour) flat rate for all architectural services required (architectural services only) which equates to a monthly invoice of $12,800.00 guaranteed maximum architectural services fee for the duration of the project as the as the project demands. Does not include Geotechnical (sub-surface) investigation, structural, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, of fire protection engineering design fees.

Hourly Rate Schedule

Project Design and Management Architect – $150.00 per hour
Construction Administration Architect – $125.00 per hour
Building Codes Research – $90.00 per hour
Zoning Ordinance and Saldo Research – $90.00 per hour
Interior Designer – $90.00 per hour
Autocad Draftsman – $80.00 per hour
Architectural Assistant – $70.00 per hour
Reimbursable (Out of Pocket) Expenses – At Cost
Drawing Xerox reproduction, postage, travel mileage, long distance telephone, third party plan review agency fees, printer/plotter service, etc.